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Kreayshawn Hits Rick Ross Below the Belt

Move over Tupac and Biggie, thereís new rap beef in town and it could get ugly.  Newcomer, Kreayshawn recently dissed Miamiís finest Rick Ross, a.k.a. Ricky Rozay, in one of her freestyle raps, using his name as a metaphor, ďfake as Rick RossĒ. She also recently has made comments about his weight and poor rapping ability (according to her), and itís safe to say Rick Ross is not taking this lightly.  In a recent interview, Ross used some colorful language to describe the female rapper from California, calling her a ďDirty B*tchĒ, and stating ďyou better know the f**k you talking about. Iíll pay 50K to mess up your whole week.Ē Yikes.  It might be time for Kreayshawn to upgrade her security.

Before everyone starts fearing for Kreayshawnís life, letís rewind a little here.  In one corner we have, Kreayshawn, the new female rapper from Oakland, California.  She is best known for a song called Gucci Gucci, where she raps ďIím rolling up my catnip and sh*tting in your litter/ Why you look bitter? I be looking better/ The type of b*tch that make you wish that you ainít never met her/ The editor, director plus Iím my own boss/ So posh, nails fierce with the gold gloss/ Which means nobody getting over me/ I got the swag and itís pumping out my ovaries.Ē  Not so gangsta.  In the other corner we have Rick Ross, a multi-platinum rapper representing Miami, Florida with four albums and countless collaborations with some of rapís finest artists under his (very large) belt.  So why is Kreayshawn calling out this famous rap veteran?  Iím not so sure myself.  Seems itís probably a bad idea to diss a person who is well-respected in the rap world and has a history of violence.  Do your research, Kreayshawn.  Back in 2008, Rick Ross and his entourage were involved in a little ďaltercationĒ, letís call it, during an awards show when members of the entourage assaulted DJ Vlad, a radio DJ, who had questioned Rick Rossí authenticity and credibility after it was revealed that Ross had previously worked as a correctional officer before becoming a rap star.

I am all about hip hop beef.  It can be done in creative, intelligent and safe ways that result in better rap music.  However, as we all know from the Tupac/Biggie story, it can take a turn for the worst when it turns violent and someone loses a life. 

But besides the actual physical threat to Kreayshawn, she should be respecting the rap game instead of calling people out for attention.  Ross has platinum singles, Kreayshawn has one song that has only become popular because fans think itís a funny joke (if you donít believe me, watch the music video).  Show some respect and make a name for yourself- you might even start with putting out an album before you try to take down one of hip-hopís biggest bosses.

-Zoe Rich