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Ray J's "One Wish" Is To Stay Relevant

I feel like I speak for the whole universe when I say, “Ray J is annoying and stupid.”  Do people even know who he is anymore?  You may know him as a mediocre R&B singer, a VH1 reality star, the co-star in Kim Kardashian’s sex tape, or maybe just Brandy's little brother.  He was hot for like 5 minutes back in the day with his song One Wish.  Well thanks to this has-been, one-hit-wonder, the Mayweather/Ortiz boxing fight last week was a lot more entertaining.  The actual fight between the two boxers lasted under 10 minutes and ended in the lamest way possible.  However the real fight that went down between Ray J and Brooklyn rapper, Fabolous, was more fun and controversial than Ortiz's head-butt.

The whole thing started a few days before the fight when HBO's “24/7” documentary show about the boxers made it known to the world that Ray J performed his one banger One Wish, to Floyd Mayweather at a private party for the boxer in a living room.  Fab, realizing that this was a little strange and kind of hilarious because it's a love song made for the ladies, took to Twitter to point that out and made fun of Ray J for performing in a living room.  I can't really blame him.  Then all chaos ensued on the night of the fight when Ray J apparently confronted Fabolous and “punched” him in the face.  The next morning he went on the radio to tell exactly what happened and went off on Fabolous (in the craziest way possible), recounting all the details of their “fight” in a really loud, crazy sounding voice.  Yelling to the world that he really messed up Fab's face and would love to see a picture of him to see the damage he caused.  Unfortunately for Ray J, Fab was seen out and about that same day looking healthy and unscathed.

The following day, Fabolous interviewed on a different radio show and told his side of the story. According to Fab, who laughed through the whole interview, the only thing that went down between them was some yelling and maybe a push or shove. 

Of course I will never know what truly happened between the two hip hop stars.  However I'd be willing to bet all the prize money from the Mayweather/Ortiz fight that Fab's story was the correct one.  Here is my reasoning.  I'm going off a few things here.  Number one, Ray J strikes me as a raging crackhead.  Always has, always will.  Number two, I respect Fab a million times more than I do Ray J.  He's more talented, more successful, and seems like a better person.  And number three, I will never trust anyone who looks for “love” on a VH1 reality show competition (i.e. For The Love of Ray J).  In conclusion, I'd just like to thank Ray J for continuously proving to be the idiot I always thought he was, and providing me with another hip-hop related subject to write about when I thought I had writer's block.  Keep doing your thing.
-Zoe Rich